Episode #8 – Discussion: Scaling with Clojure


Another village idiot special where we discuss  what it means to scale with Clojure.

Show Notes:

Follow up

  • Thanks for keeping on listening and for the positive feedback.

News & Events

Main discussion – Scaling with Clojure

  • Discussion
    • OOP has design patterns UML etc. OOAD
    • Scaling – two thingies: Static vs. Dynamic
    • Functional Programming without OOP Paradigms
    • component/mount
    • “Modules” or namespaces /
    • Distribution – fund the clojars! (https://salt.bountysource.com/teams/clojars)
    • Functions as first class (high-order fns, fns as return types)
    • Code testing/schema/spec
    • Team – Sizes
    • Micro-services / Serverless



Music: Thanks to the very talented ptzery for the permitting us to use his music on the opening and closing of the podcast. This track is Melon Hamburger. You can give his work some ❤️ and hear more on his SoundCloud.


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