Episode #7 – Datomic with Robert Stuttaford


A tour of Datomic and a field report from Robert – a leading edge production pioneer.

Show Notes:

Follow up

  • Hopefully the sound quality is much better on this episode after Ray’s microphone SNAFU last week.

News & Events

Main discussion – Datomic with Robert Stuttaford

  • Background of Robert
  • Discusssion
    • Why Clojure at Cognician?
    • Why Datomic?
    • Wow – the Cognician Stack though
    • Datomic production readiness
    • Datomic Architecture
    • Querying with Datomic
    • Database queries across time (past, present and future)
    • Datomic schemas – pros and cons
    • Production scale at Cognician
    • Tooling – the REPL and Clojure
    • Scaling Datomic (esp caching)
    • Transactor (incl serialisation)
    • Storage backends (and interchangeability!)
    • What is the Pro support like?
    • Options for Licensing Datomic
    • The awesome POWER of Temporal data
      • ANSI SQL2011 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SQL:2011
    • Excision – can Datomic forget me?
    • Annotated transactions – auditing and troubleshooting
    • Ctrl-Z in a database!!
    • Database functions
    • Licensing model, planning and the cloud
    • Drivers for JVM / Non-JVM clients (REST API)
    • Datascript (Nikita Prokopov)
    • Thanks!


Guest: Thanks to Robert for being such an engaging conversationalist on the podcast.

Music: Thanks to the very talented ptzery for the permitting us to use his music on the opening and closing of the podcast. This track is Melon Hamburger. You can give his work some ❤️ and hear more on his SoundCloud.


2 thoughts on “Episode #7 – Datomic with Robert Stuttaford

  1. Interesting episode.

    One thought on the Datomic licensing, it’d be great if they could offer a licence based on the number of max transactions per second, not per number of peers. That way you could scale up your number of clients as needed and instead pay for the throughput you need.


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