Main discussion

  • One for the vi lovers 😉
  • Calling it a main discussion seems too grand – it’s a meandering bar style discussion



We owe a lot and are grateful to the people that have helped us and continue to support the production of this podcast.

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2 thoughts on “Episode #17 – Village Idiots

  1. “Bar style discussion” full of interesting stuff:

    * Call people by their names:

    We all come from different cultures and it’s ok not to know how to pronounce people’s names. If you don’t know how to pronounce it correctly, ask this person to repeat it for you, and if you want to use a nickname, ask for permission, show respect. On the other hand, don’t be pissed at people that are trying to get your name right if they’re trying hard, it means they care.

    * What do people might expect from Clojure/FP (could be generalized?) related meet-ups:

    Talks can be viewed online on streaming platforms, so that’s not what people come for. Mostly they come for stories, real production systems stories, what worked/didn’t work, how to sell Clojure. They come to meet and get experience from other people.

    * Return of experience from Vijay on running the Functional Rotterdam meet-up:

    The main interactive thing for building the community for them has been the coding dojo. The format that works for them is “mob programming” (
    – people agree on and pick some reasonable problem to solve (like from the “dailyprogrammer” subreddit or “4Clojure” website
    – pick the language that is used by the least amount of people depending on the audience, to make sure everybody’s uncomfortable
    – open an editor on the screen that is connected to the video projector
    – setup a timer and a first person will sit in front of the keyboard, coding and taking instructions from others for the specified amount of time
    – when the timer ends, that person leaves the work as is, another person takes its place and the timer is restarted
    – let people collaborate in a chaotic and fun atmosphere

    * Conj talks:

    – Rich Hickey’s Spec-ulation Keynote: his take on versioning schemes in relation to things like clojure.spec (
    – Jason Gilman’s dynamic REPL talk: Proto REPL (

    * Writing/depending on libraries:

    How do you decide to write you own library? When you have a bunch of functions, wrappers, macros, how do you decide if it’s worth sharing and release it for anybody else to use it? Is size the key factor?
    Having to depend on another library when you only need a few functions is annoying, you have to make sure that it’s maintained, you’re going to have to reach out to Clojars at every build and you’re bringing in other stuff you might not need. At this point you have to ask yourself if you really want to depend on that library or just grab a few functions from it even if it’s not DRY.

    * Functions discoverability:

    How do you discover functions that already exist in your environment? Having a kind of search engine for functions would be great.
    Express your desire for a particular semantics of a function, what inputs or outputs do I have or want, and having an engine telling me which functions match those needs.
    This is where stuff like spec might help, maybe doing introspection on functions specs. It’s interesting to see what will come out of the community in the future.

    Personal note: easy on the swearing 😇


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