Main discussion

• Before Clojure … journey to enlightenment

• JUXT … what it is and how it’s going

• Yada

  • Motivation
  • Did we need yet another HTTP server? Why Aleph over ring?
  • Benefits of HTTP? And why is HATEOAS proving so elusive?
  • On the details of Yada
  • Resource model – defaults, extensibility by data and functions
  • Routing – based on resources, relationship with bidi (plus explanation of bidi)
  • SSE – real-time notification system over HTTP, hiding in plain sight
  • Swagger – the good and the bad
  • Security – resource centred concepts, form-based, integrations with standard schemes
  • Advanced topics – interceptors
  • Future thoughts on Yada 2.0 (if that’s allowed these days!)


Community questions (new feature):

From @RobStuttaford on Twitter: @DefnPodcast @malcolmsparks curious how Juxt hires Clj devs. Do you train them up? Hire seasoned pros? If you train, what’s that look like?

From @shaun-mahood on Slack: Question for Malcolm – has he looked at spec much, and if so does he have any thoughts on how things would change in yada if yada were to replace schema with spec?

From @anmonteiro on Slack: not exactly a question but I’d love if the show touched a little on Malcolm’s talk at ClojuTRE, i.e. what they’re doing at JUXT for their website


We owe a lot and are grateful to the people that have helped us and continue to support the production of this podcast.

Music: Thanks to youthful exuberance of PTZERY for the intro / outro music The track name, chiming with our show theme, is Melon Hamburger

Listen to more of his work via his SoundCloud

Design: Thanks to the fabulous freelance designer, Lubov Soltan for her work on the logo.

Follow her on Twitter @moolver_sin
Check out her work at Deviant Art

Mixing: Thanks to Wouter Dullaert for all the help with mixing and fixing of the audio

Follow him on Twitter @wouter


2 thoughts on “Episode #16 – Malcolm Sparks

  1. Is it just me or is there not a link to the episode? I disabled uBlock and even Ctrl-F’d the source for both “.mp3” and “SoundCloud” and didn’t see anything relevant.


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