Here are the interviews in full technicolour.

One or two of the videos may have some sound quality issues and we are working on that but didn’t want to hold back for the sake of the audiophiles 😉

  • Colin “The Cursive” Fleming – on twitter @CursiveIDE
  • Jon “The JUXT” Pither – on twitter @jonpither
  • Srihari “The Carnatic” Sriraman – on twitter @sriharisriraman
  • Carin “The Healer” Meier – on twitter @gigasquid
  • Malcolm “Yada” Sparks – on Twitter @malcolmsparks
  • Dragan “The GPU Tamer” Djuric – on Twitter @draganrocks
  • David “The ClojureScript Guy” Nolen – on Twitter @swannodette



We owe a lot and are grateful to the people that have helped us and continue to support the production.

This one was a little different where Ptzery and Wouter (especially as he even had to use Windows at one point!) pulled out all the stops. Big thanks!!

Logistics and room allocation: Our heartfelt thanks go out to Lynn Grogan from Cognitect, without whom this would not have been possible.

Follow her on Twitter at @lynngrogan

Video and Music: PTZERY came along with us to EuroClojure and was responsible for the video recording. Thanks to him also for the intro / outro music The track name, chiming with one of our show sub-themes, is Melon Hamburger

Listen to more of his work via his SoundCloud

Design: Thanks to the fabulous freelance designer, Lubov Soltan for her work on the logo.

Follow her on Twitter @moolver_sin
Check out her work at Deviant Art

Mixing: Thanks to Wouter Dullaert for all the help with mixing and fixing of the video and the audio

Follow him on Twitter @wouterdullaert



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