We say hello and have some brief chats with some of the fantastic speakers at the EuroClojure 2016 conference in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Show Notes:

Colin “The Cursive” Fleming – on twitter @CursiveIDE
Jon “The JUXT” Pither – on twitter @jonpither
Srihari “The Carnatic” Sriraman – on twitter @sriharisriraman
Carin “The Healer” Meier – on twitter @gigasquid

Videos of the talks:


We owe a lot and are grateful to the people that have helped us and continue to support the production of this podcast.

Music: Thanks to youthful exuberance of PTZERY for the intro / outro music The track name, chiming with our show theme, is Melon Hamburger

Listen to more of his work via his SoundCloud

Design: Thanks to the fabulous freelance designer, Lubov Soltan for her work on the logo.

Follow her on Twitter @moolver_sin
Check out her work at Deviant Art

Mixing: Thanks to Wouter Dullaert for all the help with mixing and fixing of the audio

Follow him on Twitter @wouter


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