11th episode … gliding solidly into double figures for a second time

We celebrate this and other wonders of the Clojure community with Mr Alex Miller

Show Notes:

News & Events

  • Defn will be at Euroclojure – October 25/26 in Bratislava, Slovakia
    • … and we have some new branding to celebrate!

Main discussion – Alex Miller

  • Vijay is obsessed with Emacs – are you also Alex?
  • PureDanger back story
  • How did you start with Clojure?
  • Insights into the Clojure development process, working with Rich and the team.
  • Alex’s experience in building large scale clojure applications
  • 1.9 and of course: spec
    • goals / non-goals
    • errors
    • applying spec on clojure & clojure.core
    • applying spec on itself (!)
  • Clojure Applied – a quick summary of the central ideas of the book.
  • Clojure Community



Music: Thanks to the very talented ptzery for the permitting us to use his music on the opening and closing of the podcast. This track is Melon Hamburger. You can give his work some ❤️ and hear more on his SoundCloud.


3 thoughts on “Episode #11 – Alex Miller

    1. As a gesture of goodwill we are offering a full refund on this episode 😝

      More seriously, yes we know it’s annoying and we did our best to remove what we could. On the other hand we thought it was still good enough to publish for the valuable content from Alex.

      We will be sure to guard against these types of noises in future recordings. Unfortunately, once they’re in the track there’s not much we can do.

      I hope it didn’t spoil your enjoyment too much and that you will give us another chance!


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